Scenic Painting

In Fall 2018, I was in the scenic art class. Everything we painted was on muslin, and used a variety of techniques to scale up our drawings or source images. We learned different techniques such as scumbling, obmr√©, and spattering, and learned to paint textures such as marble, woodgrain, and foliage. We used different brushes […]

Japan – Day 0

Hurry, Aaron! Write some blog posts before all of your memories fade! Hi everyone. So, I went to Japan for a study abroad trip. I want to revisit the trip and write a blog post for each day I was there and recount my experiences. The course itself was “The Business of Arts,” a combined […]

Makin’ a blog!

Hello here’s the blog section of my website where I may post whatever I’m doing, hopefully to show off whatever I’m creating. But it might just be… you know… left alone forever. That’s my cat Cortez and he’s the best I’m really just testing out how to insert photos that’s all. Okay bye. EDIT: Here […]