Lend Me a Tenor – UM Flint

I had the opportunity to design sound for University of Michigan-Flint’s production of Lend Me a Tenor, an opportunity that I am very grateful for. I had been involved in theatre for only six months at that point, so to get to already be a designer as a student was really special.

The play wasn’t really demanding as far as sound goes. Half of the sounds were music clips that were provided. The rest were voices over a phone, a short radio segment, and ambient street sounds. The radio segment even included a voiceover from me! 

There were a few different speakers placed around the set: one small one wired underneath the table for the phone, one mounted inside an old radio, and another placed outside of the window. All of the sounds were arranged inside QLab, in a file that was quite complex but hopefully cleanly organized.

Additionally, I had also helped building the set, and getting the radio together was my own special project, in which I had to fabricate buttons and knobs and make a face for the dial. I recreated the face as accurately as I could in Illustrator, using images of the radio’s model as a source. It was then printed on paper and placed behind the glass. A friend and I also crated a light box to mount behind it, and the light was controlled by a dimmer on the light board. The resulting product was very cool and I’m really proud of it.

Directed by Bill Irwin
Scenic and Costume design by Lisa Borton
Lighting Design by Doug Mueller

Set Models

I thought I might like scenic design. Then I took the scenic design class, and, well, I don’t think I care too much for it. I don’t feel like I’m good at it and it didn’t really interest me. However, I really enjoyed everything else about it; that is, renderings, ground plans, and model building. Model building especially, I mostly made it up as I went along but I was usually happy with my results. I hope to, in the future, learn 3D modeling software and somehow utilize that. It should really only take me a day to learn though. I just haven’t needed to.

Anyway here’s a pile of images showing what I’ve done.