Scenic Painting

In Fall 2018, I was in the scenic art class. Everything we painted was on muslin, and used a variety of techniques to scale up our drawings or source images. We learned different techniques such as scumbling, obmr√©, and spattering, and learned to paint textures such as marble, woodgrain, and foliage. We used different brushes […]

Set Models

I thought I might like scenic design. Then I took the scenic design class, and, well, I don’t think I care too much for it. I don’t feel like I’m good at it and it didn’t really interest me. However, I really enjoyed everything else about it; that is, renderings, ground plans, and model building. […]

Japan – Day 0

Hurry, Aaron! Write some blog posts before all of your memories fade! Hi everyone. So, I went to Japan for a study abroad trip. I want to revisit the trip and write a blog post for each day I was there and recount my experiences. The course itself was “The Business of Arts,” a combined […]