Website redesign!

I recently implemented a new website. It’s minimal, a single page, concise.

Heading for the mobile layout of my new page

I decided my previous website was too convoluted for what I needed, and it was a passion project anyway. I needed something more practical. This new one was built in little more than an hour. The previous one was still not finished after most of a year. Not that it was too complex, but there were enough little details that I felt compelled to finesse them constantly.

The website was sort of an experiment in what I liked to call “Neo-classical web design,” in that it took a lot of design cues from site from the early web, but incorporated some modern functionality and polish. I liked the look of it a lot, and I’m sad to see it go, but it’s for the best.

I acquired an old copy of Adobe Photoshop (maybe 5.0?), and imported a few photos of me for use on the website. I altered the color and played with compression and .gif formats, I love the look that it comes out with. I probably could have done it with a modern version, but it felt more authentic with the more primitive version.

Old website archived here. It’s slightly broken after being moved, but mostly intact.

Screenshot of the most recent update of the previous site

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