Here’s a song.

Neat. Made this a few years back. It was a song that I wrote for a band maybe six years ago, then recorded an instrumental out of funsies three years ago. I really like the last minute or so.

Scenic Painting

In Fall 2018, I was in the scenic art class. Everything we painted was on muslin, and used a variety of techniques to scale up our drawings or source images. We learned different techniques such as scumbling, obmré, and spattering, and learned to paint textures such as marble, woodgrain, and foliage. We used different brushes and paints, learned to mix colors, and we learned concepts about the behavior of light and the interaction it would have with the objects being painted. This was a new area to me, and I feel like I took to it quite well. Next semester I will be furthering my understanding in the advanced scenic art course.