Japan – Day 0

Hurry, Aaron! Write some blog posts before all of your memories fade!

Hi everyone. So, I went to Japan for a study abroad trip. I want to revisit the trip and write a blog post for each day I was there and recount my experiences.

The course itself was “The Business of Arts,” a combined course brought to you by the school of management and the department of theatre. We visited

We flew on Delta Airlines, something like a 13 hour flight there and an 11 hour flight back. It was actually much more comfortable than I anticipated. A lot of napping, a lot of listening to music. The meal service was not bad. There was awful wine and ice cream, it was pretty cool. The personal in-flight entertainment had a small collection of albums, like 50, and 10 of them were Frank Zappa. Not even his main albums, but like, Road Tapes and Yellow Shark. So weird, but I was down.

After landing, I immediately went to the bathroom, to discover the most wonderful toilets: heated seats, bidet, the works. It was also my introduction to super adorable signage, which there is a lot of. The group was ushered into a smol bus. We drove for about an hour to a hotel in Gifu.

Along the way, I developed an anxiety about driving on the left side of the road, noticed all the cars are tiny, there’s many rice fields, and MANY of those golf ranges with the huge netting.

We make it to the hotel. Ogaki Forum Hotel. It’s nice, but dated. I appreciated the 80s neon aesthetic of the room we were in. Here is where we meet our homestay families. One by one, single students or pairs were taken away to their new homes. I was paired with Luc, and we both went with Hisae, our homestay mom. Unfortunately, we spoke no Japanese, and she barely spoke English (but more than we could speak her language), but we managed. It was another hour drive to her home. We were absolutely exhausted from the flight, travel, and the crazy time change. We ended up sleeping in the car, because it turned night.

Hisae took us to Sukiya, a fast-food restaurant specializing in rice bowls. It was incredible. Already the food quality and taste was much better than what I’m used to, and it was just cheap fast food! Afterward, she stopped at a convenience store for Jumbo ice creams, which are a sort of waffle sandwich thing I dunno… But they were SO GOOD. We ate them, then went to our room and slept for ten hours. Day zero accomplished.

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